Amba Research is a financial and investment services outsourcing firm that provides its clients with critical information pertaining to the global capital markets industry. For the past eight years, the company has seen steady growth and currently has locations in New York (USA), London (UK), Bangalore (India), Colombo (Sri Lanka), San José (Costa Rica) and Singapore.


Amba research writes many important and sensitive documents for their clients, including earning summaries, earning previews, earning reviews and sector reports. For all reports the company produces, it is essential that the work be original and sourced correctly. “If a client of ours is going to publish one of our reports, it is absolutely essential that there is no scope for plagiarism because they can get sued, and then, in turn, we can get sued,” said Suma Ramachandran, the Editorial Team Manager at Amba Research in Bangalore, India. “Even if it is not something our clients are going to publish, it is important that we not copy. Our analysts are paid to do research, but research is not just copy and paste, there has to be an analysis to it.”


Amba Research runs its many reports through the iThenticate database to ensure that the work is cited correctly, but also contains proper English language usage. “With all of the documents coming out of Amba Research, it is important to check the work for English language structure and due attribution,” said Ramachandran. “We have some clients who do not even want 1% matched content on the report. It is very important that we be able to document and show them where all of the information contained in the report is coming from.”


When a document comes into the Amba Research team for editing, it is also run through the iThenticate database (where the client has permitted doing so). While the team also reviews the documents, if a high score is found on the originality report in iThenticate, the research team contacts the analyst regarding the matched content. With the amount of sensitive information they review, it is important that checking these documents be accurate and easy. “iThenticate is the only software available in the commercial domain with a vast database for the general world wide web that is so easy to use,” said Ramachandran. “We have a lot of control over how we use it and that makes it easy to tailor to our specific needs.”

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iThenticate is the only software available in the commercial domain with a vast database for the general World Wide Web that is so easy to use.
-Suma Ramachandran, Amba Research