Landes BioScience, like many prominent scientific journals, faces an ongoing battle against plagiarism. The rise of online publishing, closer collaboration among research scientists around the world and the heightened pressure to publish are contributing factors to the rise of plagiarism. In 2011, Nature Publishing Group surveyed nine prominent scientific journals and discovered an alarming level of plagiarism within them. One prominent scientific journal rejected 23 percent of all submitted content because of plagiarism.


To combat this challenge, Landes Bioscience turned to plagiarism checker software iThenticate to help uncover unoriginal and plagiarized content before publication. One of the main reasons for choosing iThenticate was its comprehensive index of the Web as well as the most comprehensive and authoritative collection of documents from leading scientific, medical and technology (STM) publishers. Using iThenticate, Landes Bioscience can compare every submitted paper to a massive database of content from over 70,000 major newspapers, magazines, scholarly journals, and books as well as a database of over 17 billion current and archived pages of web content. In addition, iThenticate checks materials from over 15,000 scholarly journals and more than 260 STM publishers.


With plagiarism checker iThenticate, Landes Bioscience now has an effective and scalable way to manage research for its many publications. Most of all, by screening submitted work through iThenticate to uncover unoriginal content, the Landes team can rest assured that the integrity and reputation of their publications will not be compromised by plagiarized articles. According to Betsy Granger, Managing Editor, “iThenticate offers piece of mind when we run these reports so, god forbid, we run into an issue down the line we can go back to the report.”

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One prominent  scientific journal rejected 23 percent of all submitted content because of plagiarism.
-Betsy Granger, Managing Editor