The New York Quarterly Keeps Its Original Voice with iThenticate


The New York Quarterly Magazine (NYQ) has been one of the cornerstones of American poetry since its inception in 1969, providing readers with a monthly selection of diverse contemporary poems. The integrity and reputation of the NYQ is of the utmost importance, which is why the threat of plagiarism became the publication's number one priority several years ago. Raymond Hammond, NYQ's editor-in-chief, described the incident of plagiarism as 'turning everything upside down' for the publication: "We had to rush to pull the affected issue of the magazine from sale, we subsequently lost money from not being able to sell that issue for a while, I had to meet with lawyers on a daily basis for at least a week to research our reaction to this act and to plan a course of action that would salvage the remainder of the issue and allow us to sell it again."


This incident of plagiarism lead the organization to seek out an immediate recovery plan, both to salvage the publication's reputation as well as prevent any plagiarism from occurring in the future. Raymond Hammond described iThenticate's plagiarism checker software as being the perfect match: "The board and I both felt that we needed to act both in the present and toward the future, by implementing a due diligence that went beyond our current editorial controls and iThenticate fit that bill perfectly. iThenticate dovetails into our editorial controls perfectly and by placing their logo on our website and literature, it means we are not fooling around when it comes to plagiarism."


Since iThenticate's implementation, the NYQ has not been tarnished by a single instance of plagiarism. iThenticate's plagiarism checker software is employed day in and day out at the NY Quarterly to ensure that no duplicate content slips through the cracks. This seamless process involves the ability for the NYQ to run an entire monthly issue through the anti-plagiarism technology in a matter of minutes. The results are 'spectacular' according to Hammond, flagging every suspect page and providing a reference to where the duplicate content is located. As an additional deterrence to potential plagiarizers, the New York Quarterly displays iThenticate's logo prominently on their website and literature.

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iThenticate dovetails into our editorial controls perfectly, and by placing the logo on our website and literature it means we are not fooling around when it comes to plagiarism.
-Raymond Hammond, Editor-in-Chief