St. Gallen Symposium Rewards the Leaders of Tomorrow with the Help of iThenticate


The St. Gallen Symposium is an annual discussion platform where luminaries in the fields of science, business, politics and entrepreneurship interact with the leaders of tomorrow. The St. Gallen Symposium’s annual essay competition, the Wings of Excellence Awards, is integral to determine a representing body of students to discuss important issues among global leaders. The Symposium needed a solution that could cross check a large volume of essays every year to confirm the originality of every submission.


To combat the problem of plagiarism in the competition, St. Gallen Symposium turned to iThenticate to ensure originality in essay submissions. iThenticate was the only solution that could easily be caressed into an already complicated document submission process and provide the results necessary. In addition, St. Gallen used iThenticate not only for originality verification, but also as a preventative measure. Students who submitted essays to the contest were fully aware that iThenticate’s technology was in use, and so were far less likely to plagiarize content without proper attribution. “Students in general have been aware of the fact that the technology has improved drastically, making it nearly impossible to cheat,” said Sebastian Schmidt of the International Student’s Committee of St. Gallen.


Using iThenticate, the Symposium was able to easily and efficiently check essays across a variety of fields. The service ensured that any plagiarized submissions were siphoned from the contest prior to the judging process - saving the organization, time, money and reputation. Says Schmidt, “Ingenuity should be rewarded; those students whose work is completely unique and exceptional will be given the opportunity to meet the Leaders of Today. If the quality of the student participation falls due to increased plagiarism within the competition, the idea of the intergenerational dialogue stimulating new impulses and thoughts would suffer.”

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Students in general have been aware of the fact that the technology has improved drastically, making it nearly impossible to cheat.
-Sebastian Schmidt, International Student's Committee