We are always working to improve our services and provide our customers with the best possible experience. This page outlines pertinent information about product changes, new features and enhancements. Please email us with any feedback or questions.

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June 15, 2018 Release:

Increased support for quote exclusions

Should you opt to exclude quotations from the Similarity Report, iThenticate will now exclude all content between an updated set of quotation marks. This new support aims to provide a more reliable similarity score for our international users - specifically those submitting content in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Supported marks

iThenticate will disregard any matches that use the following quotation marks when you opt to exclude quotes from the Similarity Report:


" ... "     « ... »     » ... «     “    ...》    ...   ...  


Unsupported marks

iThenticate will not disregard matches using single quotation marks when you opt to exclude quotes from the Similarity Report:




iThenticate does not exclude 'quotes' between "quotes". For example: "This text would be excluded 'this text would not be excluded' but this text would be excluded."


May 12, 2018 Release:

Crossref posted content now matchable in iThenticate

Turnitin is now indexing Crossref posted content from publishers using Crossref Similarity Check, meaning this content is matchable in iThenticate.

Posted content consists of preprints, eprints, working papers, reports, dissertations, and many other types of content that has been posted but not formally published.

This type of unpublished content will be held in a separate node in our database, and will appear as an optional content repository when you create a new folder, and in the settings of existing folders. Look for the check-box under the Limit searches to these repositories section.

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 12.02.23

Once this option is selected, matches in a Similarity Report will be clearly labelled as ‘Crossref Posted Content’.

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 12.07.55

Only Crossref members will be able to see the full-text source.


July 30, 2017 Release:

iThenticate now available in Arabic

You can now view iThenticate in Arabic. Administrators can set the language in the Settings page using the Language drop down.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 16.48.07.png

This new language is currently in a beta testing phase. If you find any problems with the new translations, please get in touch with us at ithsupport@ithenticate.com.


April 20, 2017 Release:

Improved Submission Process

We’ve enhanced our submission process by making the upload requirements more inclusive:

  • We've increased the possible file size limit from 40MB to 100MB when uploading to the database; and
  • PowerPoint (.ppt) and Excel (.xlsm) file formats are now accepted.


April 4, 2017 Release:

Ability to Set User's Language

Administrators are able to set the user's language when adding a new user to their account.

The iThenticate activation email will be sent to the user in the language that was selected.



January 17, 2017 Release:

  • Bug fixed that affected scores in a small subset of Similarity Reports

  • All reports have now been regenerated following above fix



December 15, 2016 Release:

Ability to Download User List

Administrators are able to download the list of users in their account.

We support download of the user list in multiple formats: xls, csv, and json.

To download the user list, select the file format from the Manage Users - Profiles tab.

download user list.png

September 1, 2016 Release:

Additional Language Support

The iThenticate application is now available in 11 languages: English, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish Latin American, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, French, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.  

February 25, 2016 Release:

Similarity Percentage Calculation Update

We updated the way the similarity percentage is calculated when bibliographic material is excluded from a Similarity Report. Now when bibliography exclusion is enabled we do not include the word count of the bibliography when calculating the overall percentage. By amending our Similarity Report calculation, this helps us to give you a more accurate percentage.

Reports that were generated before February 25th will not be updated to include this change. This change will only affect reports that have the bibliography exclusion option enabled.


February 10, 2016 Release:

  • Improved password security
  • Addresses a few issues reported by WhiteHat Security
  • Additional security logging
  • Enable Captcha after failed login attempts
  • Password required to change profile (before only for password changes).



August 26, 2015 Release:

  • CDN bug fix

  • SSO-like API method

  • Fixed API methods to disable and drop users

  • Increased number of results downloaded in the detailed report

  • Updated report threshold percentages for email notifications

  • The Multiple file submission method was removed
  • Various bug fixes

CDN bug fix

We have fixed an issue with our CDN that prevented users in China from being able to access reports.

SSO-like API method

We have built a new SSO-like API method that provides the ability for an administrator user to log a user into their iThenticate account and redirect them to iThenticate via the API. For more information please contact your iThenticate sales representative.

API bug fixes

Along with this new API method we have fixed the ability to disable and drop users from accounts via the API.

Detailed report download update

The number of results that are able to be downloaded from the detailed report were increased from 5,000 to 15,000 results.

Email notification update

We have updated our email notification report threshold increments from 10% to 5% increments.

Multiple file upload was removed

We have decided to remove the multiple file upload for a couple of reasons: the method was little used by our customers, the zip file method also provides the ability to upload multiple files, and the single file upload method allows for up to 10 files to be uploaded at once.

To retain the file names contained within a zip file upload do not enter a document title on the upload screen. 


May 13, 2014 Release:

Document Viewer PDF download in color

The PDF downloads from the Document Viewer are now in color. The source list within the download was expanded to display the full source information.



November 14, 2013 Release:

  • Document Viewer the default report view
  • Enhanced match tuning

Document Viewer the default report view

ith_imacAll users who access Similarity Reports are now defaulted to the Document Viewer report mode. The Document Viewer provides the documents original format within the Similarity Report. The benefits of a formatted report are many:

  • Easily identifiable areas of matching text within the document
  • The ability to view underlying sources for a top source
  • Multiple crawled instances of a url rolled up into a single source instead of multiple sources within the text-only report
  • A more modern user interface
  • Ability to print out the formatted report with match highlights identified

    Access to the Text-Only report mode is available within the Document Viewer in the bottom right corner of the report window.

    Please view this video for more information about the Document Viewer.
   Also, see the Document Viewer Guide.

Enhanced Match Tuning

The Similarity Report match logic tuning update provides more relevant matches within the report. The match logic includes a requirement that there must be at least 3 non-common words (i.e. adjectives, nouns, verbs, pronouns) present in order for a match to be included in a report. Previously iThenticate would display irrelevant matches consisting of only articles or conjunctions (what we consider common words). This updated logic improves the quality of matches found within reports.

September 24, 2013 Release:

  • Section Exclusion
  • Administrator Detail Report Enhancement

Section Exclusion

Section Exclusion allows users to set folders or Similarity Reports to exclude matches to a document’s “Abstract” or “Methods and Materials” sections within a Similarity Report.

Section Exclusion only works within the Document Viewer Similarity Report view.

To enable section exclusion at the folder level when creating or editing a folder tick the boxes next to "Abstract" and "Methods and Materials" settings. Make sure to click the "Update Settings" button to update the folder settings.

exclude sections

To access the section exclusion options for a Similarity Report click on the filter and settings icon filter icon within the Document Viewer.

In order for the system to exclude the sections, documents must have formatting that contains visually distinct section headings. Visually distinct section headings mean that the heading font is different than the rest of the body text by applying bold or italic font treatment, or by increasing the font size.

Currently section exclusion may not work properly if documents contain:

  • Watermarks
  • Unevenly spaced line numbering
  • Sub-headings that are indistinguishable from the Methods and Materials heading
  • Abstract or Methods and Materials section appear within a table
  • Section heading and body text use the same font and font size

Here is an example of a document where our system would correctly exclude Abstract and Methods and Materials section from the report:


Here is an example of a document where section exclusion would not be able to identify section headings due to the section heading font being identical to the rest of the body text:

no bold

We are continuously working to improve the system’s ability to identify sections. Our next section exclusion efforts are: to exclude the Abstract when it appears in a table, to exclude sections properly when the headings are not distinguishable from the body text, and to exclude sections for Watermarked documents.

Administrator Detail Report Enhancement

iThenticate administrators can now access Originality Reports from the “Detail” report within the Manage Users section of iThenticate.

To access the detail report click on the “Manage Users” tab, then click on the “Reports” tab, and click on the “Detail” link. The document ids contained in the Doc ID column are now clickable links that open the Similarity Report for that document.

The detail report excel download also contains the Similarity Report url in an additional column within the spreadsheet.

Please note that in order to view a user’s Similarity Report the administrator must have the account sharing option set to “View ALL users’ folders.”

sharing prefs

May 21, 2013 Release:

  • File Size Increase
  • Print and Download in the Document Viewer (also known as the DV)
  • Small Match Exclusion

The Document Viewer now removed from Beta!

File Size Increase

The supported file size was increased from 20MB to 40MB. This allows graphic rich documents to be successfully uploaded to the iThenticate service.

Print and Download in the Document Viewer

Provides the ability to print and download reports within the Document Viewer. These PDF downloads contain the fully formatted document with match highlights and source list for whichever report viewing mode is active at download.

The Print and Download button is located at the bottom left of the Document Viewer.

print and download icon

 Clicking on the Print and Download button downloads a PDF print-friendly version of the Similarity Report.

dv print ith paper    dv print ith list

Small Match Exclusion

There are now two match related exclusion options: Small Source Exclusion and Small Match Exclusion.

The small source exclusion option excludes the aggregate matches for a single source. While Small match exclusion excludes match instances within the report.

To further clarify, if the small match exclusion is set to exclude match instances below 10 words, every match our system finds that is less than 10 words will automatically be excluded from a report. This provides users with the ability to customize report match sizes to help focus on more relevant potential misconduct issues and remove trivial matches from reports.

These settings can be set at the folder level or within a Similarity Report. In the document viewer the exclusion settings are located in the Filter & Settings sidebar.


December 2012 Release:

  • Document Viewer (DV) Beta Announcement
  • How to Get the DV
  • How to Return to Text-Only Report View
  • Additional User Details
  • Betas Timeline

Starting December 18, a Beta version of the new Document Viewer (DV) will be available to all iThenticate users and CrossCheck powered by iThenticate users. The DV allows users to view an uploaded document in its original format, including images, tables and graphs, within the Similarity Report. This advancement will provide our customers with an improved user experience.

To help with the transition, users will be able to toggle between the old Text-Only report view and new DV report view.

See the differences between the report views

Get a tour of the new DV (video)

How to Get the New Document Viewer

The default report view will remain as the current Text-Only report. To access the DV, users can simply click the “Document Viewer Beta” button within the Text-Only report.

DV beta button

How to Return to the Text-Only Report

The DV contains a link to the Text-Only report so access between the two report views is provided. This access point is a link titled “Text-Only Report” located at the bottom right of the DV window.

The Similarity Report will open in the report view that a user last used. For example, if a user viewed a report in the DV and then closed the report window, the next time that user views a report, it will open in the DV.

DV ex sidebaricon

Additional User Details

All users who log into iThenticate directly and most API users will see the “Document Viewer Beta” button within the Text-Only report when this feature is released in mid-December.

Only documents submitted after 11/14/12 will be viewable in the DV as that is when the new upload processing system first became available.

API customers (or their API integrator) who do see the DV Beta button (after the DV release) do still need to complete their testing of the Beta Upload Processing System prior to the end of the March 2013. For more information on this testing, visit the What’s New page for API users.

The reason that some API users may not see this “Document Viewer Beta” button is  that their iThenticate integration system (either home grown or a vendor’s)  has not yet moved over to the new upload processing system required for displaying uploaded documents within the DV.

Some integrators with iThenticate are continuing to test the new upload system in order to make sure that it works properly with their code. If necessary, they’ll adjust their code as needed to make it function with the new upload system.

So, if you do not see the Document Viewer Beta button after mid December when the DV Beta is released, then either the API integrator you use to access iThenticate has not yet moved over to the new upload processing system, or you are viewing a document submission that was processed prior to November 14, 2012 when the new upload processing system was first available.

November 2012 Release:

  • System Performance Upgrade
  • Zip File Uploads
  • Phrase Exclusion

Also watch a video that walks you through these updates »


System Performance Upgrade

iThenticate has received a hardware upgrade that improves system speed, responsiveness and performance. This upgrade provides an improved user experience to all users of iThenticate. Additionally, we have revamped the submission upload process to deliver faster manuscript uploads to the service.

Change to Zip file uploads

The iThenticate zip file upload process has been improved to accelerate how documents are received and processed by the application. Zip uploads will now process every file at once in a single step. The uploaded file names become the document title when a zip upload is processed. The ability to add document details such as the document title, author first and last name is available after a successful upload by editing the documents from the within the folder inbox.

To edit a document’s information, click on the edit icon.

edit icon

Phrase Exclusion

iThenticate now includes phrase exclusion. This feature allows users to manually input phrases at the account or folder level that can then be excluded from the Similarity Reports. To add phrases for exclusion either add  the phrases from the Account Info or Folder settings level.

phrase exclusion folder

Once phrases have been added for exclusion, those phrases can be excluded from reports from within a folder's settings.

Account info phrase exclusion

To exclude phrases from all documents submitted to a folder check the box next to the Exclude Phrases option within
a folder’s settings.

exclude phrases

 The Exclude Phrases option can also be toggled from within a report if it has been enabled for a folder.

exclude phrases Sr option



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