5 Steps for Researchers & Authors:
How to Effectively Submit Writing to a Journal

Most scientific, technical and medical researchers and authors are exceptionally skilled in a specific field. When it comes to writing a manuscript or thesis, they are honed into their area of study, sifting through a massive amount of data, experimentation and prior research to examine a new idea or theory.

No matter how exceptional a piece of research material is, if it does not meet the proper requirements of a journal, it may not even be considered for publication.

To help researchers and authors, iThenticate has created a foundational guide and checklist that will help them understand the submission process and increase their chances of getting their work published. Based on insight and current parameters of author instructions of leading publishers and journal partners, this guide describes the basic requirements for submitting work.

5 Step Guide to Publishing:

  1. Positioning Your Research »
  2. Organizing Your Research & Submissions »
  3. Formatting Your Submission »
  4. Including Essential Details »
  5. The Final Check »

Please bear in mind that each point below is a general consideration; it is essential that researchers follow the specific guidelines of the journal they are submitting to, which most often can be found on the journal’s website in their information for authors section.

Get Started – Step 1 - Positioning Your Research »

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