Step 4: Including Essential Details

  • Costs of Submission & Publishing: Are there costs involved with getting published? Some journals have mandatory costs associated with getting published or even just for accepting a submission. Does the journal require you to pay for any specific items, such as color graphics? If so, how do they charge – by the page, by the figure or some other way?
  • Your Personal Information: With all the details involved in relation to what you are submitting and who you are submitting to, you sometimes forget the most basic things. Is your own personal information like name, address, email and phone number correct? Make sure to put in the due diligence by reviewing these personal details.
  • Copies: Determine how many copies of your research paper are required for submission.
  • Do you have a Contingency Plan? It is a best practice to not put all your hopes into one submission. Do you have a backup plan if you were to be rejected?
  • Proofreading: Have you had your submission proofread by a colleague or professional? No matter how many times you have read your own manuscript, there may be details you have missed that a trained (outside) eye will likely catch. Having an experienced proofreader is an integral step to making sure your manuscript is optimized prior to submission.

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