Step 1: Positioning Your Research

  • Speak to Your Audience: Consider who your target readers are. Is the nature of the journal broad-focused or very specific? Submissions to a broad-focused journal tend to be read and understood by a non-specific, potentially international audience. A more focused journal will be more likely to read between the lines as far as details and field-specific language. Make sure the language of your manuscript is customized to your potential audience.
  • Are You Submitting to Right Journal? Have you done your research to make sure you are submitting your manuscript to the appropriate journal? Some journals will be a better fit for your research, so make sure these are the journals that are receiving your submission. Have you received advice from others in your field or experts who have gone through the process before on which journal you are most likely to get accepted to? Do you know anyone on the board of a specific journal? Consider all of these questions related to journal choice prior to moving forward with the submission process.

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