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The misconduct of a single individual can seriously damage the reputation of a department, institution or publication. Plagiarism is frequently detected in author submissions, putting organizations’ reputations at risk. Upon many inquiries from editors asking how they can best advise authors that their journal uses iThenticate in their editorial review, we created some recommendations. Since the launch of this program in 2011, nearly 1,000 journals, universities and organizations have adopted these recommendations in an effort to deter plagiarism from entering their editorial reviews.

To reduce the exposure to misconduct issues, iThenticate recommends publishers and organizations clearly state their policy on plagiarism up-front. By placing an iThenticate logo or badge on a journal website, it lets authors know that screening for plagiarism is a part of the journal's editorial process. Additionally, by hyperlinking the logo to the iThenticate website, the journal presents authors with an option to pre-check their work on their own if they choose, using the same iThenticate software.

The online credits provide authors a way to privately upload their paper, review results and have an opportunity to make sure their work is cited and well attributed. It is a proactive way for authors to double check their work and correct any issues before submission.

There is no cost to place the iThenticate logo or badge on websites, and customized badge requests are created free of charge.

Benefits to Publishers

  • Deters misconduct.
  • Saves time and money with editors receiving pre-screened work.
  • For CrossCheck members, this is a way to complement the existing CrossCheck guidelines.

Benefits to Authors (See also Stamp of Originality)

Get Started

  1. Download one of the below badges/logos (right click and save). You may choose to use text instead, e.g. "We use iThenticate." Request a customized badge. (There is no cost to request a personalized badge.)
  2. Upload the image to your website.
  3. Hyperlink the badge, logo or text to If you would like to receive an activity report, please email us for a unique URL so that we may track activity.
  4. Add verbiage to explain what iThenticate is and better explain your editorial processes. (Optional)
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iThenticate Logo


Logo Placement Suggestions

•    Manuscript tracking system
•    Information for Authors pages
•    Resource Centers
•    Submission Checklist

Additional Copy

In addition, publishers may also choose to accompany the logo/image with some verbiage that explains what iThenticate is.

For Similarity Check (formerly CrossCheck) Publishers:

[Publisher/Journal name] is a participant of Similarity Check, a service offered by CrossRef and powered by iThenticate software. iThenticate is a plagiarism screening service that verifies the originality of written work. iThenticate checks submissions against millions of published, scholarly works, and billions of web content. Authors, researchers and freelancers can also use iThenticate to screen their work before submission by visiting

For General iThenticate Customers:

[Organization name] uses iThenticate to screen for plagiarism before publication. The iThenticate software checks submissions against millions of published scholarly works, and billions of web content. Authors, researchers and freelancers can also use the iThenticate system to screen their work before submission by visiting

Example Websites

American Society for Nutrition - The Journal of Nutrition - Instructions for Authors

Copernicus Publications - Services - Plagiarism Detection

Dove Medical Press Ltd - Dovepress Author Guidelines and Submit a Manuscript

Evolutionary Computation - Home (and MIT Press Journals)

Journal of Neurosurgery - Author Instructions

Journal of the Society for Reproduction and Fertility - Instructions to Authors

Journal of Medical Biochemistry - Home

Optics and Photonics Letters - Editorial Manager

Photochemistry and Photobiology - Home and ScholarOne Manuscript Submission Site


By placing the logo on our website and literature it means we are not fooling around when it comes to plagiarism.
- R. Hammond, Editor-in-Chief, New York Quarterly