Plagiarism in Grant Proposals & Duplication of Grant Funding

"$100 Billion Problem: Government Duplicate Spending"

With shrinking government budgets and an increase in demand for grant money and other Federal funding, duplicate spending of grant funding due to grant proposal plagiarism by researchers, and inefficient communications across agencies and departments, has become a rising governmental concern. A 2011 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report estimated that between $100 and $200 billion dollars is lost every year to wasteful spending.

How is it possible for billions of research dollars to get spent unnoticed? iThenticate's 2012 report, "$100 Billion Problem: Government Duplicate Spending," explores the scope and impact of the issue, causes and solutions.

  • Challenges facing grant agencies
  • Plagiarism and duplication in research grant proposals
  • Potential solutions for preventing plagiarism in grant proposals and avoiding duplicate spending of grant funds

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