Ph.D. in "Cut-and-Paste"?

Addressing the Rise of Plagiarism in Graduate Programs


Plagiarism on college campuses is a well-documented problem.  The ease of “cut-and-paste” plagiarism in the age of the Internet has often been cited as the primary culprit along with students’ own ignorance of acceptable citation practices.  Much of the emphasis, then, is placed on undergraduate education and the need to teach students how to correctly integrate writing into their courses, with the bulk of this instruction in many cases taking place in first-year writing courses. 

What is less often discussed is the growth of cheating and plagiarism in graduate and professional schools.  In fact, while rates of cheating among graduate students are lower than among undergraduates, they are not substantially lower.

This paper, Ph.D. in "Cut-and-Paste"?, provides insight into the:

  • Growing problem of plagiarism in graduate programs, and why it may be particularly prevalent in STEM disciplines and among ESL students
  • Consequences and types of plagiarism facing graduate students, faculty, scholars and professionals
  • Educational solutions to preventing plagiarism within the graduate community

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