5 Biggest Challenges from the Front Lines of Scholarly Publishing

Editors' Top Ethical and Industry Concerns

With ethics breaches making regular headlines and putting researchers, professors and writers in the hot seat, scholarly editors are on the front lines of the push for greater integrity in publishing. Two prominent editors of STM journals join iThenticate to reveal the results of a new survey that probed the top ethical and industry concerns of those at the helm of scholarly journals, focusing on five of the most serious concerns. Featured experts will share their perspectives and experiences on a range of issues from poorly designed studies to pressure to publish to plagiarism, as well as their thoughts on circumvention or prevention, for researchers, writers and editorial managers.


Editors, editorial staff and management, authors, researchers, students, professors


  • Five top-ranking concerns of editorial managers, revealed from a new survey conducted by iThenticate
  • Exclusive insights and anecdotes from two highly esteemed industry experts
  • Guidance on how to mitigate challenges and risks, and best practices for editorial managers and researchers

Featured Experts

Dr. Virginia Barbour

Dr. Virginia Barbour
Council Chair at Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), and Co-founding Editor of PLoS Medicine Journal

Dr. David Moher

Dr. David Moher
University Research Chair at Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, and Editor-in-Chief at Systematic Reviews Journal

jason chu

Jason Chu
Plagiarism.org (Moderator)

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