Plagiarism in Government Research Grants

"Editorial Technology in Today's Research Climate"

Grant Recipients: Plagiarism, Fraud in Grant Proposals and Related Research

Overview: Scholarly misconduct is a growing concern in the research community. Why and how is plagiarism and other forms of misconduct affecting grant recipients and grant funding? Is your editorial process capable of efficiently managing and mitigating plagiarism and duplication issues?

Watch this 20-minute video to learn how the rise in grant misconduct is impacting grant recipients, researchers and organizations; and hear solutions for preventing plagiarism and potential repercussions.

Audience: Grant recipients and researchers

Presenters: Robert Creutz and Greg Mathers, Executive Account Managers at iThenticate

Highlights: High profile media cases; plagiarism opinion survey; self-plagiarism; how to avoid plagiarism and grant misconduct

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