"What’s Mine is Mine": Self-Plagiarism, Ownership, and Author Responsibility


  • Hear why self-plagiarism is a significant concern in scholarly publishing -- Specific issues that surround the use of previously published work; copyrights and the reasons journals and publications care
  • Explore the reasons for the rise of self-plagiarism -- Diminished research grant funds; impact factor
  • Get insights into journalism ethics, publication ethics and how to best avoid self-plagiarism


What exactly is wrong with re-using one’s own work?  What are the boundaries for the appropriate presentation of previously published work?  And, why do journals and publications care? Join iThenticate and three notable panelists for this 1-hour virtual discussion as they unpack this widely misunderstood issue from three perspectives -- journalism ethics, publication ethics and copyrights.


Kelly mcbride

Kelly McBride, Senior Faculty, Ethics, Reporting and Writing, Poynter

rachael lammey

Rachael Lammey, Project Manager at CrossRef

jonathan bailey

Jonathan Bailey, Author of Plagiarism Today and CopyByte

jason chu

Jason Chu, Plagiarism Educator at Turnitin (Moderator)


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