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iThenticate across different industries

Protect your reputation and ensure only top quality work is getting recognized and published.

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Surface potential plagiarism prior to publication with iThenticate’s expansive content database.

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Screen personal essays for potential plagiarism and help ensure the highest level of integrity even before matriculation.

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Ensure the originality of public-facing content, from legal documents to grant applications and reporting.

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Prevent invalid findings dissemination, grant misconduct, and improper patient treatment.

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Research & Publication


Protect your journal’s reputation by publishing only the highest quality articles.

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Success stories

See how iThenticate helped numerous organizations across domains foster integrity in the research.

St. Gallen Symposium

The St. Gallen Symposium is an annual discussion platform where luminaries in the fields of science, business, politics, and entrepreneurship interact with the leaders of tomorrow. The Symposium needed an essay checker to confirm the originality of every submission.

“Students in general have been aware of the fact that the technology has improved drastically, making it nearly impossible to cheat.”

- S. Schmidt of the International Student’s Committee
Amba Research

Amba research writes many important and sensitive documents for their clients, including earning summaries, earning previews, earning reviews, and sector reports. For all reports the company produces, it is essential that the work be original and sourced correctly.

“iThenticate is the only software available in the commercial domain with a vast database for the general world wide web that is so easy to use. We have a lot of control over how we use it and that makes it easy to tailor to our specific needs.”

- S. Ramachandran, Editorial Manager
Ivey Publishing

Ivey Publishing business case studies are written by the faculty, as well as from outside individuals and schools. Once a business case study has completed the review process, it is sold worldwide. Ivey Publishing required plagiarism software to safeguard itself from inadvertent use of materials that weren't original.

“Having a database as extensive as iThenticate’s is really helpful to us in terms of checking the largest number of sources that we could.”

- S. Gregson, Manager of Business Systems