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Plagiarism Around the Web

Posted by Janett Perry on Oct 7, 2010 2:01:00 PM

The internet provides a unique way to listen in to what the world is currently speaking about.  Particularly with the advent of real-time search and social media, we can see trends within ongoing global chatter down to a keyword or topic. 

As far as the word ‘plagiarism,’ what does the global discussion currently look like? How do people interpret and discuss plagiarism? 

Below are several ‘slices’ from around the web:

Twitter: Recent conversations on Twitter about Plagiarism include cases of political plagiarism, the issue of plagiarism on Twitter itself, and questions about avoiding plagiarism.

twitter plagiarism1 resized 600Google News: Many of the prominent recent news stories for the word ‘Plagiarism’ involves cases of political plagiarism, including recent accusations against Joe Moody and Rodney Glassman.

Google News Plagiarism resized 600Google Search Statistics: A recent survey of search trends for the keyword ‘Plagiarism’ and related items.

search trend plagiarism resized 600