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Plagiarism Blog Round Up

Posted by David Rothschild on Jan 25, 2011 1:26:00 PM

Plagiarism is often a trending topic within blogs and the social media sphere. If you search Twitter for #plagiarism, a variety of related topics will pop-up, most of them fresh discussions and updates from within the last few hours. A Google News search on the topic will also provide daily results that include recent instances of plagiarism coverage from around the web.

iThenticate’s blog was recently included in a ‘Top #100 Blogs About Plagiarism’ list, which is fantastic given the massive amount of online content on the subject.  

Not only does the list highlight a number of informative sources on the subject of plagiarism, but it also compiles a variety of points of view.  

I’d like to take a look at some of the top #100 plagiarism blogs and their unique offerings, as well as point out a few plagiarism resources that weren’t on the list.

The New York Times, Stanley Fish:

We previously covered the NY Times Opinions Page writer Stanley Fish in regards to his article on the morality of plagiarism.  Fish has an extensive background in law, ethics, and modern society and provides intriguing coverage on a variety of topics that go beyond plagiarism.   He recently published an article on the constantly evolving (and controversial) subject of free speech on the internet.

Educated Nation:

In a post titled ‘Plagiarisms Grey Areas’ the blogger distinguishes two different types of plagiarism: the type that allows art and technology to progress by ‘building on the shoulders’ of previous works, as well as the sort of blatant copying that can’t be ignored.  I would go on to say that collective progression (using previous technology and work as a foundation for progress) probably shouldn’t even be considered plagiarism.  Plagiarism has a definitive point of ‘copying’ where a person is taking credit for another individual’s work.

Plagiarism Today:

Plagiarism Today is an incredible source for up to date news, topics and musings on the subject of plagiarism.  Author Jonathan Bailey has taken it upon himself to root out plagiarism across the web as well as provide users with guidance on how to deal with plagiarism.  One great thing about this blog is it is modern.  It deals with cutting-edge plagiarism topics that specifically relate to the internet and modern-day society. is the definitive online guide for all things plagiarism, from clear definitions of what plagiarism is and ways to prevent it to detailed guides on how to properly cite your sources.   Whether you are a freelance writer publishing an article or a student submitting a paper, is a great resource to have at hand.

The Scholarly Kitchen:

The Scholarly Kitchen is a blog that is written by authors from the Society of Scholarly Publishing and focuses on developments in the world of scholarly publishing.  The blog has previously covered a wide swathe of plagiarism-related topics, including a number of specific instances of plagiarism within the scientific publishing community.   For anyone interested in academic publishing, the Scholarly Kitchen is a must-read to keep up-to-date in the field.