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The Plagiarism Chain of Events

Posted by Robert Creutz on Nov 10, 2010 1:49:00 PM

If you’ve searched for the word ‘plagiarism’ online in the past several days you’ve  probably encountered a plethora of news stories about a publication called ‘Cooks Source.’ 

Cooks Source is a small foodie magazine run out of Western Massachusetts that was pretty much unknown until very recently.  Now, however, Cooks Source is getting coverage on big media outlets like CNN, NPR, the Boston Globe and the New York Times.  

And the press is not saying good things.

Here is a graphic that traces the events (within 1 week) that led from the Cooks Source original incident of plagiarism* to the massive fallout and repercussions the publication now faces.

plagiarism chain of events

*While we are aware this was an example of intellectual property theft rather than plagiarism, the public response referred to it as such. For sake of clarity, we will indulge the public with this graphic.


Cringeley, Robert. “Plagiarism 101: Cooks Source and the Internet response” 8 November 2010.,1