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Plagiarism in the Cyber World

Posted by David Rothschild on Jun 30, 2010 2:35:00 PM

hacker 150x132 resized 600A new book said to be written by former hacker turned security consultant, Gregory D. Evans, has been recently marred by plagiarism accusations.   

‘World No. 1 Hacker,’ which was published by Cyber Crime Media Publishing House, is said to have several large portions duplicated from Armando Romeo’s content, which was previously published on

From The New New Internet:

“However, vast portions of the book, published by Cyber Crime Media publishing house, appear to have been plagiarized. The majority of chapter 12 is, in fact, identical to a previously published tutorial by Armando Romeo published on in 2008. Portions of chapter 9 were also taken from another manual published on”

The instance of plagiarism was verified using iThenticate’s plagiarism detection software, which enabled the user to clearly see incidents of duplicate material between ‘World No. 1 Hacker’ and Romeo’s published content. 

iThenticate is made to provide both plagiarism detection features along with ease of use.  One of these features allowed all submitted content to be cross-checked against  new content that appears on the web – which is how this particular instance of plagiarism was discovered. 

In addition, iThenticate allows submitted content to be referenced against deep repositories of older content from offline sources like research journals.

Cyber Security is clearly an important frontier on the web – the well-being of large organizations depends on their ability to protect their proprietary information.

Although often overlooked, Content Security is also extremely important. An author’s content – whether it is a blog post or a formal publishing – is their proprietary information. 

Protecting an author’s content and preventing people from illicitly duplicating it is one of  iThenticate’s goals.

It is also iThenticate’s goal to help small and large publishing houses to protect their reputations by preventing any plagiarized content from getting out. 

Although most authors are trustworthy, Cyber Crime Media should have made it a policy to run a content check on any materials before publishing them.  Using iThenticate before a problem existed would have saved the publisher money and time dealing with legal problems and bad press recovery.


Cheek, Michael  “‘World No. 1 Hacker’ Marred by Plagiarism Allegations” The New New Internet,  Executive Mosaic LLC. 24 June 2010.