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Research Integrity

Posted by Janett Perry on May 14, 2009 8:02:00 AM

ethan resized 600Between Google Alerts, Tweet Beeps, general web searches and the like, we spend a good amount of time reading about research misconduct. Pretty standard fare, however, I have seen some debate as to whether authors or editors are responsible for instances of misconduct. I think that more important than appointing blame is taking a proactive role in promoting research integrity. When we partnered with CrossRef to offer a viable content verification technology to STM publishers, we aimed to benefit the entire research community. When we implemented a licensing option for individual researchers, we also aimed to benefit the entire research community. If we all think in terms of the larger communities that we serve, we will all be playing a vital role in promoting integrity in research. In fact, we will be promoting integrity in all things.

-Bob Creutz