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How iThenticate Helps Constant Content Clients Buy Unique Articles With Confidence

Posted by Guest Blogger on Nov 1, 2011 5:00:00 AM

contstant content logoWritten by Eric Hoppe, Account Manager, Constant Content. Plagiarism has existed nearly as long as the written word itself, but it has never been easier for plagiarists to cut and paste some else’s words and claim them as their own. That can be a big problem for webmasters in search of quality website content and article writers for their websites, blogs and online stores. Webmasters know that they need to rank high in search engine results in order to compete. They also know that Google and other popular search engines take a dim view of duplicate content. Webmasters who buy articles they believe are original content can be in for an unpleasant, and dangerous, surprise when Google slaps them with a duplicate content penalty and buries their sites at the bottom of the rankings.

Fortunately for webmasters everywhere, there are some ways to guard against the scourge of plagiarism and buy articles that truly are 100 percent original website content. Leading online website content provider Constant Content uses iThenticate to verify that every article for sale on its site is 100 percent original. This powerful plagiarism detection tool allows the editors and staff at Constant Content to find plagiarized material that other tools miss, including content published in PDF format and even content published in print publications.

Constant Content has been using iThenticate since 2009, and during that time the tool allowed the company to spot and reject articles that attempted to plagiarize the work of others. With the help of iThenticate, Constant Content is able to immediately reject any submissions that are not 100 percent original, well before a customer would ever see it.

When your business depends on customers who need unique articles and website content, you need to be 100 percent sure that all your article writers are above reproach. Tools like iThenticate allow Constant Content to vet every article that passes through its servers, helping to ensure that customers get exactly what they pay for.

The beauty of the web is that it can level the playing field between large and small businesses. When the small fish buys articles that inform and entertain their customers, they can win more business and compete effectively against even the largest players in their industries. By using iThenticate to validate web content before it is put up for sale, Constant Content ensures that webmasters have access to the most professional writers, and that the content they purchase is as unique as it is valuable.