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Searching Journals on Open to Authors and Researchers

Posted by Jessica Gopalakrishnan on Jan 24, 2012 10:58:00 AM

search journals ithenticateiThenticate has launched a search function on its website that identifies journals and content partners that use iThenticate to check for originality and plagiarism through the CrossCheck user community.

The iThenticate comparison database contains millions of items that editors screen against to detect plagiarism and other types of misconduct. By searching on, visitors can find 70,000+ publications that use iThenticate, and over 30+ million scholarly articles, books and conference proceedings that have been indexed in the iThenticate database.

“The depth and breadth of scholarly content in our comparison database is truly massive,” said Chris Cross, general manager of iThenticate. “So, we have built this search capability as a tool to assist our existing customers as well as those exploring our solution for the first time. It will help them to cull through our content sources more easily and identify the content sources they care most about. For example, a customer that wishes to submit an article for publication to a particular journal can now very quickly determine if that journal uses iThenticate. Or, when submitting a document for comparison, the new search function allows that customer to quickly determine if a particular content source is part of our indexed reference database. This will provide our customers with additional confidence that the documents they are submitting for comparison are being compared against the content sources they care most about.”

Searchers can find journals by name, title or subject. Try searching now!

This news and more were announced in the January 2012 edition of the iThenticate plagiarism newsletter. Sign up for the free newsletter.