Prevent Plagiarism in Admissions Essays

Gaining admission into undergraduate and graduate schools has never been harder. Plagiarizing content has never been easier. iThenticate by Turnitin helps admissions professionals verify the authenticity of application materials so schools can make more informed decisions.

iThenticate is a web-based service that compares submitted documents to a massive database of Internet and subscription content, as well as previously submitted documents, to highlight potential problems like plagiarism, collusion, recycling or purchased documents in admissions materials.

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Verifying Originality Helps Admissions Professionals

Check All Admissions Materials
Check admissions essays, personal statements, residency statements, application question responses and scholarship essays.

Compare Side-by-Side
Compare matching materials in a side-by-side comparison to uncover plagiarism.

See the Similarity Score
Receive a similarity score for each uploaded essay to reveal how much of the content matched materials in our database.


Types of Admissions Documents Verified for Originality

  • Admissions essays
  • ‡Personal /Residency statements
  • Application question responses
  • ‡Scholarship essays
  • ‡Essay contest responses
  • ‡Statements of purpose
  • ‡Writing samples and theses
  • Any content submitted as part of the application process

iThenticate Searches:

Current and Archived Web Pages
Searches over 60 billion current and archived webpages.

Exclusive Content
Over 155 million content items from leading publishers, journals, magazines and newspapers.

Custom Database A private, custom database for document-to-document comparison for checking submissions against previous submissions.


What Customers Say

The Penn State Smeal MBA admissions team saves one hour on every five applicant essay sets reviewed.

This service allows us to efficiently and equitably screen essays for plagiarism. We don't have to rely on the memories of our team and we can be sure we're fair to every applicant.
- Carrie Marcinkevage, MBA Managing Director Penn State University