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American Journal of Preventive Medicine
Managing editor of an Elsevier journal starts inside the plagiarism report—describing best practices for identifying duplication and interpreting results—then takes us beyond the plagiarism report, illustrating how it can be used as a multi-faceted decision-making tool.

American Society of Agronomy »
iThenticate is more simple than I expected it to be and the best thing about it is that it’s so quick. iThenticate gives us the peace of mind that we are continuing to publish leading edge research." - B. Holte, Submissions Service Manager 

American Society for Nutrition »
“We are pleased that we have found a tool that meets our scientific and legal needs, as well as being a good fit with our editors. It is a simple process, and, of course, a much needed piece of our editorial process.” - S. McCormack, Editorial Manager

Amba Research »
iThenticate is the only software available in the commercial domain with a vast database for the general world wide web that is so easy to use. We have a lot of control over how we use it and that makes it easy to tailor to our specific needs.” - S. Ramachandran, Editorial Manager

Ebyline »
"It’s been seamless, and that’s really important for a company like ours to have reliable technology. We have that comfort and we have that quality standard for our users. I’m a very happy customer." - A. Narcisse, CEO & Founder

Government Research »
"By virtue of the increase in submission of papers and the need to enhance one’s resume under very competitive situations for jobs and recognition, that there is a stronger temptation these days to use the same bit of research and write several papers that are very, very similar based on the same batch of data. The result is increased amounts of duplication and self-plagiarism." - P. Blau, co-editor-in-chief, Elsevier journal

IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control
A technical editor from a non-animal science journal published by the Federation of Animal Science Societies (FASS) shares his perspective on plagiarism, experiences with different plagiarism instances, and insights into self-citation as well as the pressure to publish.

Ivey Publishing »
“Having a database as extensive as iThenticate’s is really helpful to us in terms of checking the largest number of sources that we could.” - S. Gregson, Manager of Business Systmes

Journal of American Academy Nurse Practictioners »
"We used the ScholarOne platform and our journal was actually one of the first to pilot test the interface with the connection between iThenticate and ScholarOne. It’s great to have iThenticate on our dashboard. We also put the iThenticate logo on our website so they know that we use plagiarism detection." - C. Pierson, Editor

Landes Bioscience »
“iThenticate offers piece of mind when we run these reports so, god forbid, we run into an issue down the line we can go back to the report.” - B. Granger, Managing Editor 

New York Quarterly »
iThenticate dovetails into our editorial controls perfectly and by placing their logo on our website and literature, it means we are not fooling around when it comes to plagiarism." - R. Hammand, Editor-in-Chief

Professional Engineering Publishing »
“If you are unable to screen material there is always a doubt. This was why we chose to use the CrossCheck powered by iThenticate service to screen material in advance of publication and to identify sources of duplication. We can now reassure our community that we are doing all we can to preserve the integrity of our journals and to protect our authors’ work against future plagiarism.” - R. Grimes, Journals Publisher 

St. Gallen Symposium »
“Students in general have been aware of the fact that the technology has improved drastically, making it nearly impossible to cheat.” - S. Schmidt of the International Student’s Committee has integrated iThenticate into its educational and marketing editorial processes. Their director of communications discusses their reasons for using plagiarism detection software more in-depth in the following video.

University Corporation of Atmospheric Research »
"You can never be too certain that even at the highest level that you are always getting original content. iThenticate has provided the kind of safety net that we were looking for." - E. Kissel, Program Specialist


Professor and Author »
“iThenticate allows me to check my own work as well as the work from contributing co-authors and students. When I submit a paper to a journal I am confident that it is not duplicated anywhere. iThenticate gives me peace-of-mind about the authenticity of my work.” D. Malhotra, Professor of Finance at Philadelphia University