Academic Publishing Solution

iThenticate delivers a solution developed to meet the specific demands of academic publishers in order to:

Ensure due diligence and prevent academic misconduct before it occurs.

Reduce time spent investigating and adjudicating misconduct cases.

Protect the reputation of institution, researcher or advisor, writer and publisher.

As leaders in research innovation, we knew we had to implement best practices and the right technology to ensure our students understand the importance of integrity and are not misusing someone else’s work.
- Angela Hammons, Missouri S&T | Read the case study

Used by Leading Research Universities

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The Standard for Researchers and Scholarly Publishers

iThenticate compares every submitted paper to a massive database of content from:


Major newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias, periodicals, and books


Works from 530 scholarly publishers and 90,000 journals via CrossCheck


Web Pages


Theses and dissertations via ProQuest

Our Partners Include:

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Built for Professional Writers

While iThenticate and Turnitin share the same underlying technology and database contents, the design, user experience and outcome are designed to meet the needs of two very different types of users. Turnitin is designed for students in a classroom setting. iThenticate is designed for academics and researchers who need to organize and share their work in a folder-based system similar to Google Docs.

  • iThenticate is designed for speed and ease-of-use so that academic researchers can quickly upload, check and examine documents in just a few minutes.
  • iThenticate is accessed through a web-based interface and requires little to no training.
  • iThenticate helps researchers share documents and collaborate as groups.
  • In-depth analytics provide visibility into content submissions and levels of originality over time.

Compare to Turnitin




Students in the classroom Faculty, researchers,
corporations, governments


Graded papers Published Works


Course Management Document Management

Display of Results

Document Viewer


60 Billion Web Pages
144 Million Content Items
300 Million Student Papers
ProQuest Dissertations
Internal Documents

Account Sharing

Document Size

up to

100 pages

up to

400 pages

Submission Storage in Database