I have tried several plagiarism detection tools, iThenticate is by far the best and most accurate tool in the market. I highly advise graduate students, professors and researchers to use it.
-Dr. Samer Barakat Applied Science University, Jordan
iThenticate is a great tool for researchers and postgraduate students. I've been advising my students to use it regularly and been giving lectures about research ethics and iThenticate is my only example. Thank you!
-Z. Al-Hourani, Jordan University of Science & Technology
iThenticate is an invaluable tool for our editors in screening for plagiarism before publication, which safeguards our reputation as a leading publisher.
-Tim Fenton, Agricultural Institute of Canada
We are very, very thankful to iThenticate and its efficiency.
-Glediana Rexha, Outreach Manager, University of Arkansas Little Rock, Nanotechnology Center
I’ve been using iThenticate for more than two years now, and find it an invaluable tool. I run all revised papers through the program and report to our editorial team at the “decision-making” meetings, where we compose each issue. The iThenticate reports have become a standard part of the evaluation of each paper; in addition, I use them as teaching tools for authors, many of whom have never been “called on the carpet” for self-plagiarism and other ethical violations.
-Charlotte Seidman, Managing Editor, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, University of California, San Diego


Easy to Use

Thank you for the great service!
-Jackson Tucker, Publishing Assistant, Neal-Schuman Publishers
Awesome software. Very useful. It reduces the possibility of using copyrighted materials, mistakenly.
-Hamid R. Darabi, Ph.D. Candidate, Stevens Institute of Technology
I like the service tremendously. It helps reassure me that I have not inadvertently used someone else's phrasing. That’s a nice service to have!
-L.P., UC Berkeley



I had tried several anti-plagiarism software products prior to using iThenticate. None of them gave me results as excellent as iThenticate. Highlighted content provided by iThenticate helped me to quickly modify those portions. It is effective, quick and easy to use. iThenticate is a great tool and I would recommend it to all aspiring researchers.
-Dr. John Jose, Christian Medical College Hospital, Vellore
iThenticate is an incredibly powerful tool. I run each and every new submission through iThenticate before I even think about inviting peer reviewers to review the paper. Keep up the good work!
-Jim Dooley, Associate Editor, Integrated Systems and Economic International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control
It's hugely useful as a quick plagiarism checker. Thank you for providing this service, it's a life saver. Saves me so much time and energy.
-E.J., PhD Candidate



Excellent tool with a broad database that contains a multitude of references.
- K. Vetter
We are very happy with the iThenticate similarity checks and it is of great help for our editors, referees, and last but not least the reader who wants to find original research for further re-use and citation. Thanks!
-Martin Rasmussen, Managing Director, Copernicus Publications
Both in my capacity as a researcher and as an editor of a leading health informatics journal I have encountered plagiarism in all shapes and forms. As a journal editor and publisher, we were early adopters of iParadigms products and routinely check our submissions for plagiarism. iThenticate has proven very useful for us to rule out or confirm cases of suspected plagiarism, and I would hope that in future all journal editors use it.
-Dr. Gunther Eysenbach, Editor & Publisher, Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR)


English as a Second Language

Particularly useful for picking up when a manuscript submitted by an author with a poor grasp of English has been written by copying and pasting content from other papers.
- Sue Wilkins, Publishing Operations Manager
This server has done wonders to streamline and speed up the writing time of my international students, who struggle with scientific writing in English. They can use your system to progressively eliminate poorly paraphrased text from their articles/thesis, which in over the course of 1-2 revisions using iThenticate evolves into an entirely original piece of written material! Absolutely brilliant. Many Thanks.
-Dr Tony Velkov, Monash institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Our journal sees several cases of plagiarism each month. It would be so helpful if all publishers would contribute to iThenticate so that we could rest assured that we are not missing a majority of plagiarism cases by not scanning other journals for matches. I believe re-education of researchers in emerging countries is the key to conquering the plagiarism problem. Many admit that they didn't know that self-plagiarism was unethical.
-Sharon Martini, Assistant Editor, Journal of Chemical Physics, American Institute of Physics (AIP)



iThenticate is useful - I wanted to make sure that there were no unattributed ‘quotes’ in a long review that I was an author on - an occupational hazard when several people contribute and many, many versions are produced. It worked well, and served its purpose admirably.
- Dr. V. Rajan
If worried about work performed by a collaborator, this is a good way to check.
-Carl B.