Beta Release Notes (Dec. 18, 2012)

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Document Viewer (DV) as a Beta version for all users and CrossCheck powered by iThenticate users. This advancement will provide our customers with an improved user experience. Please email us with any feedback or questions.

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What is the Document Viewer (DV)?

The Document Viewer (DV) provides a document’s original format, including images, tables and graphs, within the Similarity Report.

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How do I access the Document Viewer (DV)?

When the DV is released the current text-only report will remain the default report view for all Similarity Reports. To access the DV within the text-only report click on the new button titled “Document Viewer BETA”.

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How to go back to the Text-Only report within the DV?

Click on the Text-Only Report button within the DV to return to the text-only report view.

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Note: The Similarity Report will open in the report view that a user last used. For example, if a user viewed a report in the DV and then closed the report window, the next time that user views a report, it will open in the DV. 

What are the differences between the Text-Only report and the DV?


The Text-Only report contains 4 report modes: Similarity Report, Content Tracking, Summary Report, and Largest Matches.

TO modes

The DV retains the Similarity Report and the Content Tracking report but these modes are now renamed Match Overview (Similarity Report) and All Sources (Content Tracking). Match Overview contains another mode called Match Breakdown that displays all of the underlying sources for a top match found for the document in the Match Overview source list. The default report mode for the DV is Match Overview. To access the All Sources report mode click on the All Sources report mode icon (the mode icon on the right). The two report mode icons are located at the top of the sidebar and below the Overall Similarity percentage.  

DV modes

To access Match Breakdown hover over the source, in the Match Overview source list, that you would like to view underlying sources for and click on the arrow icon that appears.

DV matchB

When in Match Breakdown mode you will see a list of all the sources that are underlying sources of the top source match found for the report.

DV MB slist

This screenshot reveals a difference between the Text-Only report and the DV, which is that urls that were crawled multiple times are now rolled up into a single instance of the URL.


To activate the side by side comparison mode in the Text-Only report view a user would click on the match within the document’s text.

TO sbs

The DV works similarly except that instead of immediately going to the side by side mode when a user clicks on the match within the document, a glimpse of the matching text contained within a buffer of the original source text is first provided.


To then access the side by side mode a user would click on the Full Source Text link (displayed in the above image of the glimpse).


To exit out of the Full Source Text view click on the “X” icon to the right of the Full Source Text sidebar header.


In the Text-Only report, sources could only be excluded from the Similarity Report and the Largest Matches report modes by clicking on an “x” icon to the right of the source within the source list.

TO xicon

Any excluded sources would still be present within the Content Tracking mode and could be re-included into the report by clicking on the “+” icon next to the excluded source in the Content Tracking source list.

TO CT include

Within the DV sources can be excluded in the Match Breakdown and the All Sources report modes. Once in either Match Breakdown or All Sources modes click on the “Exclude Sources” button near the bottom of the sidebar to activate exclusion mode.

DV exbutton

Click the check box next to each source you would like to exclude from the report.  Then click on the “Exclude” button to exclude all of the selected sources from the report.

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Sources excluded from reports within the DV are listed in the Excluded Sources sidebar. To access the Excluded Sources sidebar click on the exclusions icon at the bottom of the sidebar.

DV ex sidebaricon

The sources that were excluded from the report are listed in the Excluded Sources sidebar. To restore the excluded sources from the report click on the check box for each source you would like to restore and then click on the “Restore (#)” button or click “Restore All” button to restore all of the sources in the list for the report.

DV ex sidebarrestore


In the Text-Only report the exclusion options are contained in the header of the report window and can be toggled on and off within the header of the Text-Only report.

TO excludoptoins

The DV displays the status of the two exclusion options, exclude quotes and exclude bibliography, in the header of the report.

DV exclusion display

To adjust the exclusion options in the DV click on the filter sidebar icon at the bottom of the sidebar.

DV filtericon

If filter settings are adjusted click on the “Apply Changes” button to save the settings and apply them to the report.



To view the document id, submitted on and processed dates, and the word count of the document click on the “i” icon at the bottom left of the DV window.

 DV infoicon


The DV provides the ability to zoom in and out of the paper by using the zoom scroll bar. The five zoom settings are 50%, 75%, 100%, 150%, 200%.

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The DV Beta will not have a print option available upon release. The print and download option will be available once the DV comes out of Beta in February/March 2013.

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