Similarity Report Settings

Similarity Report Settings are selected at the time of folder creation, but most of the report settings are adjustable when viewing a Similarity Report.

Similarity Report settings:

Exclude Quotes: Excludes any matches contained in sections of quoted text

Exclude Bibliography: Excludes any matches contained in the bibliography. Our system looks for the last instance of a bibliography keyword that is contained on its own line and excludes any match after that instance.

Bibliography keyword list: reference, references, reference cited references cited, reference and note, references and note, reference and notes, references and notes, reference & note, references & note, reference & notes, references & notes, resource, resources, bibliography, work cited, works cited, citations, literature, literature cited, references and further reading, reference list.

Exclude Phrases: Excludes matches to phrases contained in the phrase exclusion list. The exclude phrases setting is not adjustable within a report when the folder did not have this option enabled when the submission occurred. The phrase exclusion list is available at the folder and account level.

Exclude Small Matches: Excludes match instances below a set word count. If enabled the user must specify the word count threshold which the system uses to exclude matches below the set word count.

Exclude Small Sources: Excludes sources below a set percentage or word count. If enabled the user must select whether to exclude sources below a set word count or percentage. Any source that has a percentage or total match word count below the set threshold will be excluded from the All Sources mode of the report. This setting may not affect the Match Overview mode.

Exclude Sections: Provides the ability to exclude matches from sections of a document based on specific headings. The document must have formatted headings in order for section exclusion to function properly. There are two sections that may be excluded from reports:

Abstract: Excludes matches within the Abstract section of the report

Methods and Materials: Excludes matches within the Methods and Materials section from the report. Includes keyword variations: Methods and Materials, Methods, Materials, Materials and Methods

Limit searches to these repositories: Provides the ability to select which databases documents uploaded to the folder will be searched against. The following repositories are available: Internet, Publications, CrossCheck and a customer repository (if purchases for the account). This option is not adjustable when viewing a report.


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