How to Add and Manage Users within iThenticate (For Account Administrators)

For account administrators, we recommend that you add users to your account before you begin uploading documents. If you plan on using iThenticate through a manuscript tracking system it is a good idea to see what information you will need from the MTS provider in order to configure iThenticate for the MTS before adding users to the iThenticate account. Let’s get started.

Once you login as the administrator of the iThenticate account, go to the ‘Manage Users’ tab. In the Profiles tab, you will see the names and emails of all the users within the account.

Add New Users

To add new users, look on the right hand side. You can add them one by one, or upload a list of users. Let’s manually add a single user now. Enter their first and last name, and email address. Scroll down and select more information about them, like time zone.... add a photo.....or their phone and fax numbers. You can add users to a Reporting Group. This allows you to associate an uploaded document with a given group. You can also set their access level -- whether you want them to be able to submit documents, share folders or become an Account Admin. Once users are added to an account you can edit their profile by clicking on the Edit button to the right of the user name in the list of users within the profile tab.

Create Reporting Groups

To create reporting groups click on the Groups tab. Enter a name for the reporting group within the Add New Group field and click on the Add Report Group button. One example on how to use reporting groups would be to create a reporting group for a specific journal and add editors of that journal to that reporting group. This will help you track usage by journal within iThenticate.

Sharing Options

To adjust the sharing options within iThenticate click on the Sharing tab. There are three sharing options to choose from:

  • The first option “View only folders shared by other users” allows the administrator to only view folders that have been shared with them
  • The second option shares all users’ folders with the administrator
  • The last option allows the administrator to select specific users’ folders within the account that will be shared with the administrator

Email Options

Lastly, click on the Email tab. When new users are added they receive an automated email notifying them of their activation. There is a standard template, shown here on the bottom, but you do have the option to change the subject line and/or incorporate a customized message.

That is a quick look at how to add and manage users. If you plan on using iThenticate through an MTS please view our documentation on recommended ways to set up accounts for the various MTSs, this information is located on the resources page on the iThenticate website.

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