How to Get Started Using iThenticate

Once your account is created, you will receive an email from iThenticate with a temporary login. When you login with those credentials, you will be prompted to enter your own unique password. Let’s have a quick look around.


At the top, you will see the Folders tab, which is the default tab....Settings.... Account Info.... and Manage Users. We’ll explore these more in the next steps.

Help and Support Documents

Moving along the top, towards the right, you will see the Help button. Clicking it will take you to the Help Center, where on the top right side, you will find the Quick Start Guide, the User Manual and the API Guide.

This is also where you can submit Help Tickets to the iThenticate Support Team if you are experiencing any problems. Providing details of your issue here will enable Support to look into it and get back to you with a resolution. To go back to the main dashboard, click “return to folders.”

Folders and Documents

New users will see a Folder Group called My Folders, and within that is a folder called My Documents. Folder Groups are used to organize folders, while folders are where document submissions will occur. Once you start uploading documents, you will see folders displayed on the left side of the screen and documents in the center.

The last thing we’ll show you is here on the right side -- this is where you will submit documents, create folders and folder groups.

That’s a quick tour around the iThenticate dashboard. To watch more videos, visit