How to Create and Manage Folders

After logging in for the first time to iThenticate, you will only see one folder group, called ‘My Folders’. You can create folders within the My Folders folder group, and you can also create new folder groups.

Create Folder Groups

Create a new folder group here on the right side of screen by clicking on the New Folder Group link. Enter a name for the Folder group and click the Create button.

Add a New Folder

To add a new folder to the folder group click on the New Folder link on the right side of the screen. You will need to fill out the various folder settings in order to create the folder. These settings include: selecting which folder group to add this folder to from the drop down menu; providing a name for the folder; selecting whether to use the optional exclusion settings:

  • Check the Exclude Quotes setting to automatically excluded quoted material from reports, this setting excludes any matches to text that are contained within quotes.
  • Check the exclude bibliography setting to automatically exclude bibliographic material from reports. This setting will exclude any matches to text that exists within the bibliography of a document. Our system looks for unique stop words such as “References” and will exclude any matching material located after the bibliography stop word within the document.
  • You may also select whether to use the customize match size option which allows a user to exclude specific sources from a report that fall under the set word count or percentage threshold that is set for this option.

All of the exclusion options can be toggled from within an iThenticate report.

Select Databases

Select which search repositories you would like the folder’s document submissions to be searched against within the “Limit searches to these repositories option.” There are three repositories available for all accounts CrossCheck, Publications, and Internet.

  • The CrossCheck database contains over 30 million journal articles, conference proceedings and books from leading scientific, technical and medical publishers who are members of the not-for-profit association, Publishers International Linking Association, which is also known as CrossRef
  • The publications database contains over 86 million online and offline subscription content and research titles from major aggregators, databases and content providers
  • iThenticate's proprietary Internet crawler, which is comparable to major search engines, has crawled over 20 billion web pages

Click on the Create button to create the folder. Folder settings can be adjusted at any time by clicking on the Settings tab from within the folder. Note that if folder settings are adjusted the new settings will only apply to newly uploaded documents to the folder. Once created, you will see all of your folder groups on the left side of the screen. You can expand the folder groups to reveal the folders contained within the group by clicking on the plus icon to the left of the folder group.

You may want to consider how you’ll organize your account before you start uploading documents. Many users do not need to be concerned with the folder structure within iThenticate due to accessing the service from a manuscript tracking system. Please view our guides that recommend how to set up accounts for the particular manuscript tracking systems in order to best utilize the ithenticate system.

That’s a quick look at how to create and organize folders. To watch more videos, visit