Plagiarism Topics

Types of Plagiarism and Attribution in Research

This interactive website defines ten of the most common and most serious types of issues in research.

Ethics of Self-plagiarism

This paper offers a clear definition of self-plagiarism and how authors and publishers can avoid this issue and the costly retractions associated it.

Grant Proposal Plagiarism & Government Duplicate Spending

This paper explores the scope and impact of plagiarized or duplicated grant proposals and the erroneous spending of grant funds.

Rising Plagiarism and Misconduct in Medical Research

This report discusses the growing problem of plagiarism in the field of medical research, and profiles incidents of plagiarism by researchers and physicians, which stresses the need for prevention.

Publishing Topics

Pressure to Publish

This paper offers insights into how globalization and Technology are increasing misconduct in scholarly research; and guidelines for how the research community can combat the rise of misconduct and retractions.

Guide to Publishing

A foundational guide and checklist that will help authors and scientists understand the submission process and increase their chances of getting their work published.

Research Topics

True Costs of Research Misconduct

This paper explores the effects of plagiarism from human to capital costs as caused by the rise in scholarly misconduct in the last decade.

Plagiarism Software

7 Misconceptions of Plagiarism Detection Software

This paper explores seven common myths that surround plagiarism detection and provides guidance on how to best use these tools to ensure originality.


Costs of Research Misconduct

Types of Plagiarism and Attribution Errors in Research