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iThenticate Blog

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Reducing the Risk: Educating Scholars on Ethics and Plagiarism

Posted by Jessica Gopalakrishnan on Apr 22, 2013 10:42:00 AM

usaid logoWhat would you do if, while reviewing papers written by scholars, you repeatedly found papers to contain around 30% of unattributed, copied work? How would you handle working with these scholars? How would you protect your institution/organization from being associated with such plagiarism? This is a similar situation that Sarah S., subcontractor for USAID, found herself in. Having worked extensively with researchers, particularly from developing countries, Sarah was put to the test to mitigate risks by educating scholars about plagiarism and ethical issues, and using iThenticate plagiarism detection software. Sarah spoke to me about her experiences in this exclusive interview.

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April 25 Webcast: 5 Biggest Challenges from Front Lines of Publishing

Posted by Jessica Gopalakrishnan on Apr 16, 2013 9:31:00 AM
five biggest challenges webcast
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Jane Goodall Embroiled in Plagiarism and Misconduct Allegations

Posted by Jonathan Bailey on Apr 2, 2013 10:54:00 AM

jane-goodall-plagiarismFamed primatologist Jane Goodall was scheduled to release her new book “Seeds of Hope: Wisdom and Wonder from the World of Plants” on April 30th, however, following a Washington Post article that found a dozen unattributed passages in the book, the book’s publisher, Grand Central, has announced that it is holding the book back until it can “correct any unintentional errors.”

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CTRL-V Plagiarism in the News - Issue 9

Posted by Jonathan Bailey on Mar 24, 2013 6:35:00 AM


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Nate Thayer and the Nature of Freelance Plagiarism

Posted by Jonathan Bailey on Mar 12, 2013 6:06:00 AM

Nate-Thayer-JournalistOn Monday of last week, veteran journalist Nate Thayer found himself making headlines when he published correspondence between himself and Olga Khazan, an editor at The Atlantic. Khazan had asked Thayer if he would be willing to redraft a 4,200 word article he had published on “Basketball diplomacy” into a 1,200 word article for their site. However, Khazan said that she would not be able to pay for the rewrite and Thayer sternly declined the offer.

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Why have no U.S. politicians been forced to resign over plagiarism?

Posted by Jonathan Bailey on Feb 28, 2013 1:56:00 PM

plagiarism-americaThe recent plagiarism scandals in Germany have had a common theme: Plagiarism in the dissertation written by the politician.

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CTRL-V Plagiarism in the News - Issue 8

Posted by Jonathan Bailey on Feb 24, 2013 6:05:00 AM


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When Plagiarism Does Pay

Posted by Jonathan Bailey on Feb 20, 2013 5:45:00 AM

when-plagiarism-paysJonah Lehrer, best known for a plagiarism and fabrication scandal that ended his once-promising career in science journalism, recently created a controversy when it was revealed that he was paid a $20,000 honorarium to speak at a conference hosted by the Knight Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to innovation in journalism.

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German Education Minister Resignation: Plagiarism or Politics?

Posted by Jonathan Bailey on Feb 11, 2013 1:43:00 PM

diploma-phd-plagiarismIt’s been another rough week for German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Annette Schavan, a member of Merkel’s cabinet and the Education Minister for the country, has resigned after her Ph.D was revoked following an investigation into her doctoral thesis that found evidence of plagiarism.

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Removing the Cloud of Plagiarism

Posted by Jonathan Bailey on Feb 4, 2013 9:59:00 AM

freedom-duckThere are few accusations and allegations that can haunt a person and their career longer than an allegation of plagiarism. This is partly because plagiarism is seen as a serious  offence, especially in academic, journalism and literary circles. However, it’s also because  the lines between what is and is not plagiarism is frequently blurry and prone to debate.

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