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iThenticate Blog

Read the most up-to-date information on the integrity of the research across industries, publishing in top journals, reputation and much more.

The Intersection of Copyright and Research

Posted by Jonathan Bailey on Jan 14, 2014 10:00:01 AM

A recent article in The Economist highlighted what is becoming a serious problem for many researchers: Copyright.

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The Surprisingly Common Problem of Serial Plagiarists in Research

Posted by Jonathan Bailey on Jun 25, 2013 5:24:00 AM

serial plagiarists researchIn 2013, plagiarism might, reasonably, seem to be an act of self-destruction. In an era where words can trivially be tracked and searched for, committing an act of plagiarism could easily be mistaken for an act of career suicide rather than a means to improve one’s reputation.

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When to Check for Plagiarism? ASN Saves Time, Money Checking Before Publication

Posted by Jessica Gopalakrishnan on Sep 17, 2012 11:10:00 PM

What is the best point to check for plagiarism within a journal's editorial workflow? Sarah McCormack, editorial manager at the American Society for Nutrition (ASN), spoke with us about the types of modifications they have tested in their editorial workflow (to check submitted articles) before settling on the most logical and successful point.

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Journal Editors Call for Reform in the Face of Increasing Scientific Retractions

Posted by David Rothschild on May 3, 2012 9:26:00 AM

reform journal editorsTwo years ago, Dr. Ferric C. Fang, editor in chief of Infection and Immunity, discovered that a published author within his journal was guilty of data manipulation.  Infection and Immunity responded by retracting the six papers submitted by Naoki Mori; 24 of Mori’s other papers have since been retracted by other scientific journals.

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Professor Caught For Plagiarizing Articles in Nursing Journals

Posted by Jessica Gopalakrishnan on Oct 18, 2011 3:36:00 PM

nursing journal plagiarismThree Wiley-Blackwell nursing journals, The Journal of Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing, the Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and Perspectives in Psychiatric Care, recently detected cases of plagiarism in published articles written by Professor Scott J.M. Weber, a now former assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing. After investigation, Wiley-Blackwell issued a retraction of seven articles after concluding Weber had liberally borrowed previously published research without attribution.

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IASTED Publishing Policies - Preventing Author Plagiarism

Posted by Jessica Gopalakrishnan on Sep 12, 2011 9:33:00 PM

plagiarism iasted broadcastOriginal audio broadcast can be found on  Brandon Hisey from The International Association of Science and Technology for Development (IASTED) and Dan Videtto from iThenticate / iParadigms (former Managing Director) have a discussion on IASTED Live!

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Scientific Research Misconduct Can Leave a Field in Disarray

Posted by David Rothschild on Jul 20, 2011 9:35:00 AM

scientific research plagiarismMarc Hauser, a prominent Harvard psychology professor, recently resigned after being found guilty of scientific research misconduct. Hauser was renowned in the field of evolutionary biology, particularly in regards to his research with animal cognition and neuro-development. His ground-breaking work had previously been featured across numerous scientific publications, books, news articles and television programs.

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Can Research Paper Retractions Harm Patients?

Posted by David Rothschild on Jun 15, 2011 12:00:00 PM

medical-research-plagiarismThe past decade has seen a scary increase in the number research paper retractions. The Journal of Medical Ethics published a study last year that examined close to eight hundred retracted research papers.

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Crowdsourced Publishing: Automating the Scientific Editorial Process

Posted by David Rothschild on Feb 10, 2011 1:14:00 PM

Many recent trends point to the standard journalistic editorial process getting a major overhaul to streamline and automate publishing.  assembly line resized 600

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Climate Change Report: Plagiarism in Other Political Research?

Posted by David Rothschild on Dec 16, 2010 1:35:00 PM

climate change plagiarism resized 600In 2006, a congressional report was released that went up against climate change, challenging prior research that pointed to a global warming trend over the past millennium. 

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